January 6, 2017

Moon Soaked Columbia Gorge Engagement


“Wait for someone who could be the moon for you. Just as strong. Just as steady. Illuminating changes and seas and blooming flowers and summer nights. They’d wait for you in the dark. They’d dance around the sun. They’d receive your primal howls, your secrets, your dreams, and shifting tides. Wait for the moon. Wait for nothing less than what steals your breath. What breaks you open. What lures your soul. What helps you rise.”

– Victoria Erickson

Summer nights are lazy in the most beautiful sense of the word. They are lullabies, with heat soaking your bones and soft breezes cooling your skin. The moon hangs heavy and the flowers drink in the sun. Summer is magic, the Columbia Gorge located east of Portland, Oregon is even more so. At the top of a beautiful mountain peak is a lush field full of wildflowers come late spring, early summer. Yellow dots green blunts and if you walk far enough, carpets of blue and purple petals bloom.

Luke and Valerie are the kind of people who make you better by just being around them. The two met while working through Youth With a Mission (YWAM), an international Christian outreach organization. Their overwhelming happiness during the session was contagious as we walked the mountain fields. The bottle green grass dipped drunkenly to the ground following the heat of the day. As the sun set, we made our way to the edge of the cliff where Luke and Valerie twirled, cuddled and kissed for their engagement photos.

The moon was so close it could be touched by the time we walked back to reality.

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