I’m a small town Oregon photographer, painter and big dreamer. I love monochromatic wardrobes, the scent of petrichor and large words that very few people know exist. Most days you’ll find me working at my desk with a cup of tea, a dog at my feet and listening to true crime podcasts.  I look for beauty in the messy and I’m a cultivator of fine art storytelling.

My photography style is raw and beautiful. I look for the moments you aren’t even aware of: the way he looks at you, the way your hands brush when you walk together, the way your bodies orbit each other as if drawn by a magnet. You’re madly in love and I will do anything to capture those real moments between you two.

Years from now I want you to look at your photographs from your day and remember those moments in vivid detail. How the air smelled, the way the day felt electrified, that moment he first saw your in your wedding dress. I want you to relive your memories.

PS: Curious as to why my logo is a bear? My parents lovingly called me “Little Bear” during my childhood and the black bear is the only bear native to Oregon.